Amanda Becker

OKC Wedding Photographers at the Oklahoma History Museum
Bride and the Bridesmaids Line Stairs For Fun Picture
Wedding Portraits Before Ceremony
Bride Getting Ready at Skirvin Hotel
Bride and Bridesmaids Wrap their Arms Around Each Other Back View
Groom's Dad Puts His Arm Around Groom and Laughs
Bride and Bridesmaids Fun Pose Outside Barn Country Wedding
Bride and Groom Kiss as Wedding Party Cheers
Bride and Groom Kiss with Kids Walking Down Road
Bride and Bridesmaids Smiling at Each Other
Groom and Best Man Cheer with Bride and Maid of Honor on Wedding Day
Bride and Groom Stop During their Exit to Lean In Close as Guests Cheer
Bride and Groom Showered with Snow As they Exit the Reception at Walnut Creek Chapel
Groom Kisses His Bride on their Wedding Day
Bride and Groom's Shoes on Wedding Day
Groom Tips Bride Back and Kisses Her on the Rooftop Surrounded by Tall Buildings in Oklahoma City