Anita Laske

Bride and Groom in their black convertible getaway car, surrounded by guests as they leave the wedding. Rose petals rest on the back of the car.
Bride Looks at Smiling Groom Black and White
Bride Holds Bouquet with Ring Shot
Portrait of Bride Behind Her Veil
Bride Leans in to Kiss the Groom Caught Under Her Veil
Flowers Hang as Decor in this Wedding
Bridesmaid kneels as the Bride and Groom kneel on the cathedral altar
Bride and Groom hold Rose in thier Mouths
Bride sees her groom at Gaillardia Country Club
Bride smiles at flower girl
Baby reaches for the Bride's Wedding Ring
Father of Bride Admires His Daughter on the Wedding Day
Bride and Father dance as the ladies watch and smile
Bride Nestles Against Groom Under Flower Arch
Bride Clasps Her Hands in Anticipation
The Bride's family sits together